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Domina v1.0 Bean Sack Download

Domina v1.0 Bean Sack Download

Domina v1.0

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Domina v1.0


Title: Mrs. Fire

Genre: violence simulation Strategy

Developer: DolphinBarn

Publisher DolphinBarn

January 3, 2017

The game

, The game all the same as the notion of control, improves your need to be trained and gladiators

He sat on the sand for a bloody fight your adversaries.

As the strategic use to gain political favor powerful Romans

The chance of winning in the arena and increase increase your surname;

GrouphouGefokus brutse tried by the war andalive

As the winner.

The lady of the art simulation to roam gladiatorskole Roman antiquity.

system requirements

Low: OS; Windows 7Processor: GhzMemory: 4GB RAMGraphics: OpenGL 3, 3D accelerator card (they are not integrated) Storage: 300 MB of free space in the card: Remarks: required time of 2 hours of continuous play to win

It is recommended OS, Windows 7 + 1000 processor, Pentium 3 + Memory: 8 MB RAMGraphics: 4 OpenGL 3D accelerator card (non-integrated) Storage: song400MB available Card: Further information, 2 hours of continuous work time for play to win

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Domina v1.0


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