Many consumers, haunted by memories

Many consumers, haunted by memories of prices consistently topping $4, are looking for ways to lock in these low prices. Short of building storage tanks, it is difficult to amass a large stockpile of gasoline. The standard futures contract, consisting of 42,000 gallons, allows consumers and investors to buy gasoline on a dramatically greater scale.

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This particular trip had been great perfect weather, good friends and no flats. A group of us had just gotten back to Carleton and were picking up our bags, exhilarated by our accomplishment and relieved it was over, when the news came. A cyclist, a woman who had been just minutes behind me when we were on the outskirts of the city (in other words, almost home) was hit by a car and died at the scene..

Development of p24 rapid tests has focused mainly on improving sensitivity.38,39 In 2010, Parpia et al. Tested a microfluidic p24 test on 25 L plasma samples from 389 South African infants.40 Their design included a heat shock component to break the antigen antibody complexes. They achieved 95% sensitivity, 99% specificity and a detection limit of 42 500 RNA copies/mL.

If the arrival of an adult video store has changed Staunton, it isn’t evident at a glance. From small downtown boutiques and restaurants to the quiet stoicism of landmarks like the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Mary Baldwin College and the green expanses of Gypsy Hill Park, everything still brims with small town charm. Even on Springhill Road on the outskirts of town where the store is located, icons of Americana like little white houses, a tiny gas station, and a brick church dot the rolling landscape.

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