So what now for Wenger

So what now for Wenger, who has claimed all along that he would not sell Sanchez. It may not be his problem should he leave, but there is the very real possibility that his parting gift to the club will be a Europa League place and the club’s two best attacking players being sold on the cheap or leaving the following summer on a free transfer. Ouch..

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Strokes per minute (aka “SPM” or Stroke Rate): This is your speedometer. Stroke rate is the number of strokes you can complete in one minute. A higher stroke rate does not necessarily mean you are more powerful, have more intensity or are at a better fitness level.

Their preacher had walked out of the pulpit and resigned one Sunday morning because of some problem. This young fellow was sent in on a temporary basis to hold the fort until things calmed down a little. He did his best to pull things together, and was successful.

April 10, 1935 Wages and hours for work on the proposed City Hall and Fire Department Building, a petition that the structure be erected on the site of the present municipal building, applications for appointive offices, wholesale jerseys repairs to cribbing on the Chena River waterfront, delinquency of taxes, and re appointment of committees were the principal matters given attention last night at the first meeting of the Mayor and City Council since the city election last Tuesday. McDonald, Irving McK. Reed and Andrew Anderson to two year terms.

The DFW International Airport Board top priorities are airline competition and giving North Texas residents more options for travel. Our airport is already home to six lowfare carriers which are setting passenger records and adding new flights on a regular basis. Southwest Airlines can effectively operate and profit at DFW and offer the competition they like to talk about.

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