Baidu Antivirus 5 32-Bit

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Baidu Antivirus 5

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Baidu Antivirus 5

Baidu Antivirus company software security is critical of Beijing. A free trial version of the full English and provide excellent protection for your computer. You also can send recommendations toBaidu and help change the characteristics of the final product. Even in the beta version of Baidu Antivirus space all to stop and find the virus.


BaiduW including full virus scan to detect all computers,Scan problems alexa ranking the best and custom scans to hunt for certain problems. You also can join to prevent real-time work more as a protective sheet,Active defense, Network Access Protection, and prevention. Unfortunately, most of these features are just more complicated rollovers short explain briefly what they do.

BaiduAntivirusAlso includes a feedback window, where you can make suggestions and bug reports to Baidu. You can attach photos or files to help explain andaisu. You can put your contact information, such as:e-mail, online, MSN or Facebook.


Baidu Antivirus with large icons make it easy to understand their function. kiedyPierwszy open application will be sent using the buttons to select a full or custom scan.Bar arrow to the right to protect real time. Here you can slide the switch may be open and closed.

Baidu Antivirus bolehterus body to adjust the settings menu. You can schedule automatic open and scan,What happened to detention programs, and how it will be monitored every scan. There is also a button to quickly reach websites and community meetings separately.


Baidu Antivirus clean white and blue simple.All functions are easily presented and we have no insects or moisture. penuhmungkin scan will take more time, but it does not affect the operation performance computer skanowaniaznaczący. One thing to keep in mind that trialBaidu Antivirus is sound or not to notify you when the work is completed.


Baidu Antivirus is an effective tool to protect your computer. Beta works great without touching the key.If any problems arise Baidu happy to hear komentarzeJak Baidu Antivirus can lagibertambah well.

Baidu Antivirus 5

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