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Who's Your Daddy?

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Who's Your Daddy?

In Who’s Your Daddy, multiplayer, one player acts as the Council has a father, and another who played baby. It is the goal to be the father of the child remained safe in their homes on that day (which is really only a few minutes).
https://www.carrealdi.pe/2017/06/14/the-walking-dead-kiddo-portable-download-torrent/ At the same time, is the goal of Baby Fork vice stores, spendingthe time in the oven, heated bath, or plumb line: there are dead and “win” in a circle. Then the roles are reversed, and the players again started.

Unfortunately, dear dear

Much to say, apart from the main game room. Management is simple: the second player uses kluchotLevo and right clickthem and WASD keys to move and achieve their goals. Dad moves faster, of course, but he should! Pope had to drag items with sloping physics, the baby, and is very resistant to children house bleach and battery lies, family table steklazhdatskrsheni piecesglass production. Eating and if garage keluargaMobil hit a wall, exploded. Father can feed the tablets and fruit to cure (no effect) … even if they turn green, to represent their diseases and injuries.


Each player zemapak, as a father and as a child,all round. It osobennostpoleznym and fair, given that they play a very different and asymmetrical. Of course the more difficult task of father at birth, but menyelesaikannyaPekerjaan, Dad can get power up. If he put the battery in detektorotpushat or any toys in the boxFor a toy, for example, is likely to get “Bat Dad” and even be seen across the walls. Children do not receive a bonus, but not necessary: ​​they are small enough to hide when father around, then prygaytev bath, as it moves!

The blast of the past

You can see how good they areor bad, given the premise of the game, but who your father is bagus.Gaya cartoon graphics with basic color, like a real game Sims or similar mid-2000. The participation of the nature and structure of the objects found around the house, of course, neprofesionalno.animatsiyaNaiboleemercifully described as “harsh”. But it’s hard not to laugh when my father stood in front of the oven, thoroughly soaked, and opened when the team reveal baby.

safe bet

In general, if someone is your father terdengarSeperti kind of game that you can enjoy, maybe he did iJas. Givenhow easy it is to play, ikak easy to start playing, there is little risk to try. It is really necessary to go like-minded friends (or more!), A copy of the game to meet, and the desire to get down and dirty in the back of the house on the outskirts ofcity ​​because the caretaker and offenders.

Who is your father? It is up to you!


Who's Your Daddy?

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