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Rakuen Fixed

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Rakuen Fixed


Name: Rakuen

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG

Developer: Laura Shyhihara

Publisher: Laura Shyhihara

Release date: May 10, 2017

About this game

Rakuen – adventure game about a little boy living in the hospital. A boy asks his mother to accompany him to the world of fictionng his favorite story so he could ask the Guardian of Healing to give him a wish. To meet your wish, complex tasks that surround you must contact their alter ego in theImagine SusidamLikarni … A beautiful old guitarist music box with his life, complaining that he never gets any visitor; A girl in a coma whose husband never left her side for a number of months; The little girl hit her friends that he could not say goodbye after a painful illness. The boy slowly begins to realize that his neighbors suffer and remain secret mysteriously connected to the beautiful and unique character of being non-boyovymPryhoda that whimsicalDungeon Terrible Puzzle Blends from the room to come, Atmahiwagang Secrets Through Dialogue Tied to a mile in each shoe as you dive over each character, learn about their unfinished business and help them through. The original soundtrack with a number of vocal numbers that are closely related to each other character. Kolektahin items and creating friendships that gradually improve in the hospital funny quests for strange creatures in a fantasy world.

System Requirements

Minimum:Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10Photosor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHtsZmin: 512 MB RAMGraphics: 1024×768 High Color + DirectX Version: 250 MB Librengpuwang

Rakuen Fixed

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