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It is amazing to think that 15 years have passed since the start of the FIFA sports game dynasty. FIFA 09 is a block away from the graphics and gameplay of the original versions rigid, 16-bit. But, of course, the question is, how much better than FIFA 08?

The answer, in short is: a little. The graphics in FIFA09 is refined, with more photo-realistic shots football star, as well as great new animations both on and off the ball. the presentation jeKako highly as always, with a new opening sequencewhere the players are warming up in the tunnel, singing songs bawatclub particular, not to mention the system cool “Widgets” menu showing various other statistics online and offline all the time. Unfortunately, it is impossible to test the commentary in FIFA 09, as it is not included in the demo version.

As for his play, FIFA 09 is cynnigdaith smooth, even with some changes in the way the game is igraOsim some new tricks and the addition of more realistic collisions. I can do without conflict,because sometimes for your players takes a long time to get up after a heavy impact. Indeed, one of the new FIFA 09 games pagpapabutiang physical presence of some players, which means that many players amddiffynnoldebygol bring down the ball in the ball and requires more cunning.

While the demo FIFA 09 demo is limited to four minutes of the game between one šestKlubovi, promises to raise the maramingrelease really the bar in terms of online methods. Particularly excite me the way SeasonNew Adidas Live in FIFA 09, where information is updated dynamically player will depend on performance in real life.

FIFA 09 is no simulator football pagsalamahusay, even if you have no particular interest in the areas of online game, you may not see much benefit in upgrading from FIFA 08 (except, of course, transfers updated) .

Will prove better than Pro Evolution 2009 is a matter of nadebate wide, but FIFA 09 is definitely the best version in the series AgencyEnvironment so far.


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